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Top 5 Web Hostings Reviews

Web hosting is an extremely essential part of any website. Be it a personal website or a business website, you will always require a good and effective web host. Finding an effective and useful web host is as important as the web host itself. Our top 5 web hosting guide will helps you in finding the best and the most effective web host for any type of website. We believes in helping the user choose a web hosting plan, which is the best and well suited for this purpose. Our top 5 web hosting sites are rated according to the following parameters, tech support, uptime, reliability, and affordability.

You will get a lot of options for your needs of web hosting. Taking a look at our top five web  hosts will help you make your search easier and deal with better and efficient options. A good hosting company will always give you some extra features over the other and make your website the best in the business.

Top 5 Web Hostings Reviews

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Top 5
Web Hosts
Host Gator Fat Cow Globat Host
Blue Host


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Overall Performance 


95% 93% 90% 89%


4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Company Repution Outstanding Excellent Excellent Good Good

User Rated #1: Host Gator

One of the largest cPanel hosts on the internet is the Host Gator. Ever since they have been launched in the year 2002, it has experienced a massive growth in its business. The major contribution towards their success has been through its award winning and excellent packages. Their success has been so widespread that today they host around 850000 domain names, which belong to more than 100000 customers.

The amazing combination of customer support, control panel, price value and reliability has been the major force behind their success. The combination of these factors makes Host Gator an amazing and superb hosting provider. 

Host Gator is our top most Web Hosting Provider in cPanel. Host Gator will be your best bet if you want cPanel hosting along with an option of the WHM control panel. All of your queries and questions will be answered via the 24/7 helpdesk and online chat. You will also receive immediate feedback in case you post a support ticket. On comparing this provider with the other cPanel providers we see that its FTP speed and hosting is superior to the others.

If you are looking for a powerful, reliable and affordable hosting solution then the Host Gator is highly recommended by us.

View HostGator Website

User Rated #2: Fat Cow

Fat Cow is another web hosting solution, which makes this business widely available and affordable. The track record of this product is excellent and it has received a boost by providing minimal downtime and free tools. The 24/7 customer support is beyond par and international customers can also contact as per their own convenience.

The review of Fat Cow has been amazing. Going through the feedbacks and customer reviews will give you the positive side of this hosting solution. This organization has been in the business since 1998 and has very well succeeded in growing despite stiff competition. Their right choices in terms of customer satisfaction are the reason for their outright success.

Fat Cow is highly recommended by us and we guarantee that its services will never disappoint you. No matter what you’re trying to do, be it an online business or an online blog, Fat Cow will always be there for your assistance.

View Fat Cow Website

User Rated #3: Globat

Another web hosting provider, which has developed itself into a leader in this industry, is the IX Web Hosting. It provides the essential and useful tools to various individuals and small and medium sized businesses. With the help of this web hosting solution, the companies can make their presence felt online.

This hosting company has been at your service since 1999. Till date they have around 110000 customers and serve more than 500000 web sites. Some of the web hosting plans provided by them include VPS hosting and shared hosting. It works equally well in both Linux and Microsoft Operating System.

This web hosting solution provides Windows and Linux hosting a wide range of features, which makes the job all the more easier and effective. Some of the great and unique offers provided by IX Web Hosting are the zero setup fees along with free domains. The cost of using the services of this company is a mere $4.95 per month. With a strong staff of 130 people and a data center in the USA it makes sure that all your needs are very well looked after.

View IX Globat Website

User Rated #4: HostMonster

HostMonster.com provides its services at a mere charge of around $6 per month. In such a low rate you get unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, 99.9% uptime guarantee along with an excellent customer support. It will also provide you with free website builder and some free credits, which will help you, promote your web site on Yahoo and Google. This hosting package comes with a great deal in terms of both money and value. This all inclusive web hosting plan comes loaded with excellent applications and features.

HostMonster.com and its sister firm BlueHost suffered with severe downtime issues during this September. The reason for the downtime was power outage. The problem was very unprofessionally handled and had caused a lot of inconvenience to thousands of its customers. We will not recommend this web host till we hear some positive reviews about it.

User Rated #5: Blue Host

Another player in this industry of web hosting is BlueHost. It has been in this business since the year 1996 and is continuing to serve thousands of personal and business web sites. In just a span of around 14 years, this company has created a customer base of more than a million.
It offers a complete and competitive web hosting plan, which can easily meet almost all your requirements regarding web hosting. All of these services are available for just $3.95 per month.

During the month of September, this company and its sister firm HostMonster.com suffered from a sever downtime. This downtime was resulted by a power outage in its datacenter. The problem was handled in an unprofessional manner and for this reason many clients backed out from their future business assignments. Users suffered the most and are still not ready to trust this firm. We can recommend this hosting solution only if we come across some positive feedbacks or reviews.

View Blue Host Website

The purpose of this site is to present readers with an accurate, clear and honest review of the web hostings. Disclosure: We receive compensation from hosting companies. However, please be rest assured that our reviews are absolutely true and not biased in any way.

About This Site: This is an independent review site and does not under any circumstances accept paid advertisements for profit.
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