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Free Versus Paid Webhosting

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If you have a company or personal website that you want to get online, then your research has already turned up many free and paid webhosting options.

You may be surprised to find that there are free webhosting companies as well as paid webhosting companies. But do you really get what you pay for? It's up to you to decide that.


If you choose to go with a free webhosting option, then you may find that your website has banner ads placed on it by your webhosting company; this may be a requirement of your hosting agreement.

These ads may be objectionable to you, for example, for birth control, but you may have no power to accept or reject them.  Also, you won't be getting any revenue from them either; all of that goes to the webhosting company.

You are stuck with ads on your site that give the appearance of your implicit endorsement, which, depending on your business and why you have a website, can be very bad for you indeed. 

If you choose to go with a paid webhosting option, then you are almost always free to have, or not have, any advertisements you choose.

You can set up and place your own ads on the site, standing behind them or rejecting them as you see fit, plus you will get to keep any earned ad revenue. 

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The details

While any webhosting company will provide customer service, if you're paying for it, you may get better service. If you have a free webhosting service, how much can you complain?

You are getting it for free, after all. Paid services may go the extra mile because they have a vested interest in keeping you as a paying customer. 

Also, the differences between free and paid webhosting companies can come down to the plans they offer you. A paid service may give you more space and allow for higher traffic and bandwidth.

A paid service may also throw in things like a domain name and email boxes, things you'd have to arrange and buy and set up on your own with a free service. A paid service may also be more reliable in terms of uptime for your website.

As previously noted, they have a financial interest in keeping you a happy customer, so you may find better service and a customer service team more willing and able to go the extra mile to help you solve your problems and keep you happy. 

There are also different limits to free and paid webhosting plans. For example, if you plan on running a large commercial enterprise, you may have to go with paid webhosting if the free plan limits their service to personal websites only. 

As you can see, while there are both free and paid webhosting options out there for business and individuals, it really comes down to what your webhosting needs are and how those needs compare with the plans and services offered by these companies. 

You need to look at advertising, space and bandwidth limits, extras like domain names and email boxes, as well as the nature of your website (is it business-oriented or is it a personal website?). Only by looking carefully at this can you make the right decision.

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