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Why you need web hosting

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You might not think that you need web hosting. After all, you don't have a personal website, you don't have a business with an online presence -- what do you need to think about web hosting for?

Actually, thinking about web hosting means you can find entertaining, efficient, and economical ways of staying close to friends and family. You see, with web hosting, you can host a blog, post photographs, and maintain a family website. 

Host a blog with web hosting

Blogs are one of the hot new trends on the Internet. If you have your own web hosting, you will have the luxury of installing and maintaining your own blog, or weblog. It's like an online diary on which you can write down what your family is up to -- all the latest news and cute things and such.

And if you host it yourself, you can customize your blog so that it reflects your style and personality. Web hosting with your own blog can keep your family close.

You can let people know what's going on all at the same time; there are no worries about hurt feelings, that one person will get upset because another person found out about something first.

In addition, when you host your own blog, your friends and family can comment on your blog, leaving little notes to you in response to the things you've posted. 

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Post your photos to the Internet with your own web hosting

If you take a lot of digital photos, of your friends, family, pets, etc., then it's easy to post your photographs to the Internet to share. If you have your own web hosting, you have the freedom to post how and when you want to.

Other sites where you are posting for free may have set limits on file size, the number of photos you can upload at one time, etc. With your own web hosting, you can post and take down photos, arranging a virtual photo album at whim. 

Maintain a family website

With far-flung family and friends, it's tough to stay close. Sure, phone calls are good. And you can mail photographs and letters back and forth. But in this day and age, when we're so busy, wouldn't it be nice to just click on a website and get all your family news at once?

With a family website, you can. And with your own web hosting, you can create your own family website and set it up however you like. You'll have the freedom to design it as you choose, link it to your blog and virtual photo album, and more. 

While at first you may not think you have any use for web hosting, in fact, if you think about it, there's a lot you can do with web hosting, practical things that will make it easier for you to keep in touch with friends and family efficiently, by maintaining and controlling your online presence yourself.

With your own web hosting, you can maintain a blog, you can set up a virtual photo album, and you can set up and maintain a family website.

These are all relatively low-intensity activities and can really strengthen the bonds for far away family and friends, keeping loved ones close with newsy posts, photographs, and more.

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