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Cheap Web Hosting: Benefits of Shared Hosting

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Are you interested in finding cheap web hosting that will suit the needs of your business?

It is important for you to realize that there are many different types of web hosting solution that will provide the necessary package to suit your needs and budget.

Web hosting types can range from the basic shared hosting types to the dedicated managed web hosting solutions.

A corporation will definitely need something that can accommodate large amounts of traffic with high bandwidth and 24 hour support. On the other hand, a person who runs a casual website will find free web hosting sufficient for his needs.

Basic Shared Hosting

If you are looking for cheap web hosting, this is probably it. In fact, the features of the basic shared hosting are so basic that you can easily find basic shared hosting providers that give this service for free. It doesn't make sense to pay monthly dues when you barely know how to run a website.

The basic shared hosting is good if you are still looking to get some experience in running your own website.

You can experiment with design, understand the concepts of storage and bandwidth, and know about the available features available in running a cheap web hosting site.

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Shared Hosting

This is still a cheap web hosting alternative. For this reason, shared hosting is the most preferred type of web hosting solution over the internet. Nearly all types of small businesses uses this cheap web hosting option because it provides them with the features they need at a minimal cost.

Most professional websites, and intermediate websites require only a small portion of the resources available in a complete server, and this cheap web hosting is the perfect solution to their needs.

In addition, most of the web server features is available in this cheap web hosting plan including, PHP, ASP, and MySQL among others.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

If the shared hosting doesn’t meet your requirements, it is time to move a step up into dedicated hosting. The unmanaged dedicated hosting provides you will unlimited databases and email aliases you can use.

The bandwidth of the dedicated hosting is a lot greater with plans usually allotting you with 500-1000GB of bandwidth every month.

Although this is no longer a cheap web hosting plan, it is still more affordable compared to the next option: the Managed dedicated hosting.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

If you have large requirements for your site, the shared hosting option will not work for you. The managed dedicated hosting is great if you don't know how to set up your server nor customize it according to your requirements.

A lot of help is necessary to manage the dedicated server if you don't know anything about database administration. But because of the steep price associated with it, managed dedicated hosting is not that popular among small businesses unless they run a high traffic website.

So if you are looking for the best cheap web hosting solution for small business, shared hosting might be the best option for you.

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