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All-inclusive versus a la carte webhosting packages

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Many webhosting companies offer a variety of service options for their customers.

When evaluating webhosting companies for your personal or business needs, there are a number of factors to consider buying as part of an all-inclusive package, where all of these services are given to you for a flat fee or a la carte, where you pick and choose the services you want and pay only for those you choose as part of your webhosting service plan.

The most common webhosting services are domain name services, web storage space, website building, email boxes and space, database support, and ecommerce solutions.

Depending on your website needs, the decision to go with an all-inclusive service package or buying services individually can have a big impact on your website performance and your budget.

All-inclusive webhosting packages

For webhosting clients who may not be very technologically savvy or simply don't have the time and energy to maintain control over every aspect of their hosting needs may do well to choose an all-inclusive package from their webhosting company.

For a set fee, these customers can expect a set level of service from month to month. The day to day ups and downs and changing needs of your service are addressed by the company staff, freeing you to work on other things, whether it's activities for your business or simply more personal time.

All-inclusive service packages allow for better budgeting, keeping costs constant. They also make it easy to keep all of your web-related services in one place -- one bill, one company to contact. 

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A la carte webhosting packages

More experienced webhosting customers and those who are technologically more capable may prefer an a la carte service plan. These customers will be able to exercise control over just about every aspect of their webhosting needs.

While these customers may have to deal with more than one vendor and more than one billing agreement, these customers also don't have to pay for services they are not using.

A piecemeal service package allows users to customize their chosen services to more accurately reflect their needs; for some webhosting customers who keep track of their traffic and hosting needs in minute detail, this is a much better set-up than an all-inclusive webhosting package.

Before making a decision, potential customers must accurately evaluate their expectations and abilities. There are advantages to having an all-inclusive service package and also advantages for an a la cart service package; a large part of it comes down to how much control you want to have over your webhosting needs. 

he nice thing about it is that customers really can't make a mistake. Most service agreements run one year; if you should decide that at any point, you've made the wrong decision, you only need to live with it for a relatively short period of time -- it certainly isn't permanent.

Some companies may also allow you to move from the less expensive plan to the more expensive plan before the contract time is up.

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