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Reseller Web Hosting - All You Want To know About This Profitable Business

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Web hosting is storing your web site in a public server to make your web site visible to others. Starting a web hosting company is a highly profitable business with the demand for online shopping and business increasing. The only disadvantage of web hosting is that the initial costs are too high. This problem is solved now-a-days with reseller web hosting.

The process involved in reseller web hosting is buying resources from an already existing web hosting company and selling them to clients. When you purchase the resources of a web hosting company you become the client of that company. When you sell a part of the web space to another client of your own he is also able to utilize the services of the original host.

So when you do reseller web hosting business you are more or less a sales agent to the host company. You get the resources at a wholesale price from the host company and you sell them for others at a profit. Your customers are not aware that you are not the original web hosting company and you are just a reseller.

Most of the web hosting companies offer reseller packages because they are benefited by the reseller. Some hosts charge the reseller for each client added by him. Some offer wholesale packages.

Some internet service companies like web site designers, marketing and business consultants and data base programmers etc. who purchase web space in bulk also offer reseller facilities. The price these companies may be low as they get discounts for bulk purchase.

The common features that all reseller web hosting possess are

  • You can own a web hosting company with separate clients, the clients having no knowledge of the host company
  • Your clients will receive all the specialized facilities just like the clients of the parent company.
  • Managing the company as your own.
  • Disc space
  • Brand width.

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The advantages are

  • The price to be paid is low when compared to the initial cost incurred to start a web hosting company.
  • You get all the facilities, resources and security without spending much.
  • You can get the company started and run it successfully without much technical knowledge.

If you are interested in reseller web hosting you must follow the following steps before starting.

  • Make thorough research on the web hosting companies that offer reseller facility.
  • Decide upon the package and web space you may need.
  • To determine the web space needed you must have an idea about how many prospective clients you have.
  • Compare the prices offered by different companies and go for the best bargain.
  • Compare the packages and plans offered by the web host companies and decide which one suits your needs the most.
  • To start follow the instructions by your parent company.
  • Fix a rate for your customers.
  • Begin searching for customers and sign up contracts with them.

The need for web hosting services is on arise and with sincere efforts you are sure to succeed.

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