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Now a day everyone can make their own space over World Wide Web and those spaces can be utilized as an advertisement or any personal reason, it depends from men to men and their reasons. Now when an organization or any individuals creates their own website they are using internet hosting services or in other term, Web Hosting services.

This service is provided by some companies who are known are web hosts. They sell some space or sometimes the lease it on a server which is further used by their clients and also provides internet connectivity. The hosting service varies to a greater degree. Small scale file hosting and web pages are the most basic thing in hosting services.

You can upload files or anything by either using web interface or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). When a file is uploaded, it is well processed, so that the content does not exploit any rules and regulations, before it is published in the Web. There are thousands of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) which offers free Web Hosting service to their subscribers.

If you are not satisfied with the service of one ISP then you can switch to other. Web site hosting for personal use is basically free of cost or sponsored by advertisement or charges very negligible. Web site hosting for business purpose is of high rate and are much costly.

For a personal web page, one page hosting is often more than enough. There are some sites which offer a better package which is more comprehensive because it provides application development platforms, such as java, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and PHP, and also supports database system.

With the help of above mentioned facilities users can install or write scripts for application such as content management and forums.

Types of Web Hosting services

There are lots of web hosting services provided by different internet service providers and some of them are mentioned below:

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  • Web site hosting services for free or shared: The one which is free offers limited services, they are often powered by some advertisements, and much less features than paid hosting service. As the name says, shared web site hosting, it means same web site is shared on different servers.
  • Reseller web site hosting: It is such a Web Hosting service provider which allows their clients to be a web host themselves.
  • Dedicated hosting service: Here, subscriber of dedicated hosting service gets their own web server and they have the total control of that server.
  • Virtual dedicated server: the other name for VDS is VPS (Virtual Private Server). The users gain control over their private virtual space.
  • Managed Web Hosting service: Over here though the subscriber gets web server for themselves but they are not allowed to gain the complete control over it. They can however manage their remote management tools and their data or files through File Transfer Protocol, better known as FTP.
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