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10 Steps To Make Your Own Web Hosting Company

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For those who want to start their own web site hosting company they can follow the simple 10 steps guideline that re mentioned below. In these 10 steps, all kind of doubts are cleared out in plain and simple way and this ensures you to lead out as a successful Web Hosting company.

  1. Make sure you have opted for the right platform to work on: On comparison to Windows, UNIX is much more stable and open source program for a friendly hosting environments. With respect to that, UNIX costs very less than the price tag for Windows. While flash, PHP and perl/cgi is supported by both the operating systems but it’s only Windows that supports MS SQL, .NET, ASP and much more. Now if you are getting confused then make sure to opt for such a reseller plan that offers both under one plan.
  1. Make sure you got the right control panel for yourself to use: To start a Web Hosting company you need to have the right control panel. It varies from administrative features, basic reseller and simple and plain end user functionality to strong billing and branding capability just like H-Sphere system.
  1. Choose the right reseller hosting provider: Before you jump off to go for any reseller hosting provider make sure about the following things mentioned below:
    • 24X7 customer support
    • They should offer a rich and strong control panel features
    • They should be offering you enough disk space and room for the growth of the company.
    • Reputation of the company
    • Price tags

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  1. Make your own plans and programs about your hosting and the price tags: When you are starting with your Web Hosting company do not provide with too many plans, rather keep it simple and offer three plans, like high, medium and low plans
  1. A business web site is a must to do: While you are creating your own web site you are offered with three choices and they are mentioned below:
    • Make it in your own style
    • Take help of the template service
    • You can build you own web site by hiring a professional
  1. Your web site should be ready for electronic commercial transactions: To make your web site payments acceptable, you need three things and they are a merchant account, an SSL certificate, and a payment gateway.
  1. For a successful Web Hosting company, a support or helpdesk is needed: To communicate with your clients create a FAQ sections.
  1. Make sure you have set up the billing of your clients: You web site should have some kind of software for billing purposes or/and merchant gateway.
  1. Well to make it attractive, create a email to welcome your customers: Mention the following things in your welcome email:
    • DNS/registrar changes,
    • Username and password,
    • Access to email features and to FTP, and etc
  1. Last but not the least, do advertisements about your website: To brag about your web site go for newsletter, advertisements, SEO (Search Engine optimization), affiliate programs, paid advertisements and even Super Bowl Ads.
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