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Understanding The Meaning, Process And Importance Of Web Hosting

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What is “Web Hosting”?

It is a service which allows customers to upload their website files on the web servers, after which their websites become accessible to anyone on the internet. Internet is the best medium for sharing information via websites and blogs instantly, which is by completely disregarding any national or international boundaries.

Process of Web Hosting:

The webmasters will have to hire hosting space on the web servers, which can be accessed by any other users on the internet 24 hours round the clock. Web servers are normally the computers that have huge storing capacity. Furthermore, they are very secure.

Cyberspace can be rented for free, or it is available for purchase on annual basis, depending upon the size of space and the features they require. In your allotted space, you can save anything you want, for e.g. news, information, documents, mails, files, data etc.

The main information is stored in the hard drives which are connected to various servers such as:

  • Web server: this accepts requests over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and it publishes information of HTML, image files, and many other web programs.
  • Mail server: it helps to receive and send e-mail
  • FTP server: used to upload files on server.

These servers are connected to multiple computers, which can get information that is stored in the hard drives. Every server has a particular numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address through which we can access the server.

Types of Web Hosting are:

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  • Free Hosting: limited services provided by companies and advertisement too
  • Shared Hosting: CPU and RAM of computers are the servers
  • Reseller hosting: Here clients themselves become web hosts
  • Virtual dedicated Hosting: Users have virtual space which they own and to which they have access
  • Dedicated hosting: Security and maintenance is responsibility of the client
  • Managed hosting: Leased type of server. Client is not the owner of server
  • Colocation web hosting Service: most expensive type of hosting
  • Cloud hosting: This enables clients to pay only for what they use
  • Clustered Hosting: Multiple servers for better utilization of the resources
  • Gird Hosting: In this form of hosting the cluster acts as a gird and the hosts are distributed
  • Home Server: This is a private setting in which a single machine is used as a host

Specific types of services provided by the web hosts are:

  • File hosting service
  • Image hosting service
  • Video hosting service
  • Blog hosting service
  • One-click hosting
  • Pastebin
  • Shopping cart software
  • E-mail hosting service


Web hosting can be used for personal uses and for professional uses too. Generally small spaces are needed for personal use, and usually it is free of charge and has limited features. For personal use some hosting companies provide such services.

For professional users, the companies need large spaces so that the data is accessible to them from anywhere they need, and this data is protected by the server. As they require large spaces, they are charged for the cyberspace that they need. This is now an integral part of our world, which helps us to exchange information. It is the most convenient way to contact other people living in other countries.

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