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5 Things To Look For In A Web Hosting Company

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After designing a website that will knock down the competition, your next step is to choose a good web hosting company that will satisfy your needs. 

Here are top 5 things that you need to look for in a web hosting company: 

1) Look for the Storage Capacity, Bandwidth and Data Transfer: Do not get tempted with “unlimited disk space” advertisements. Generally, most of the websites require not more than 10-20 MB of disk space including text, pictures, graphics or even motion graphics. However, an online shopping mall will require 2000MB of storage space. 

Good hosting companies would chalk out a good plan for you after determining your needs. There are a number of options available but the determining factor is the service of a web hosting company and not the quoted price. 

The amount of bandwidth required is determined by the number of hits on your website. If you presume 100 hits in a day then a bandwidth of 10 and 25GB will serve your purpose.

If the host is offering “unlimited bandwidth” then it is necessary to find out the amount of traffic that the company would allow with this deal. It is also advisable to enquire about any hidden costs or policies related to increasing the bandwidth.

2) Flexibility: It is advisable to look for a web hosting company which has the capacity to keep pace with the growth of your company. As your business grows, you would require more storage space and at such a point changing a web host would be difficult and expensive.

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Thus, before you decide on a web host, it is important to go for one which is more flexible and can accommodate your future ventures. This also includes access to increased bandwidth as well as additional e-commerce perks like convenient marketing tools, virus filtering and spam prevention.

3) Technical Support and Features: Another important thing that you should not compromise is on quality which could mainly be determined by the customer service provided by the web hosting company.

The service provider must have a competent technical and customer support team of professionals available 24/7/365. Good companies generally skip the use of an automated system and directly connect you to a live technician. 

You also need to look for technical features like PHP, Perl, SSL, FTP, CGI-BIN as all these are necessary in order to customize the error pages, set security measures, maintaining the databases and much more. 

4) Uptime and Readability: Look for the uptime guarantee of a web hosting company as it would distinctly speak about the credibility and readability of the service provider.

Most web hosts offer an uptime guarantee of 99% to 99.9% ensuring that your website is running smoothly and gets maximum uptime. Good web hosting companies offer a refund if the guaranteed uptime goes below the standard time. 

5) Company Reputation: Ensure that the company is doing the business at least for a period of more than two years with a solid infrastructure to undertake the responsibility of good maintenance.

Go through the terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you are not paying extra for the additional services provided. A feedback from the current or past clients will be helpful before you choose a web hosting company.

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