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Webhosting services for your websites

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The process of setting up a website through World Wide Web is called webhosting. Web hosts are the companies who help you create your own website. They provide you with a virtual place with an internet connection for which you have to pay rent. 

When you are planning to create a website then go for a minimum hosting plan and later on you can upgrade the plan if you find that your need has increased. Different webhosting companies have got different plans and features of their services. 

Try to compare the services, features and prices of different companies and decide that will suit you the most.

Webhosting deals with three steps: domain registration, web designing and the hosting up of web. Registration of the domain name is the first step.

The domain name should be unique and you have to keep renewing the domain name so that no else can access it from you. A unique domain name will always specify your website. 

The webhosting companies charge annually for the domain registration. While getting your domain name registered ensure that that the domain name is in your name not the name of the hosting company.

The web designing is the expensive part. You can hire wed designers for this or you can do it on your known if you have the knowledge of HTML. Some good webhosting companies help you in designing your website.

They provide you with ready made templates that you can use to designing your website.

The webhosting companies provide you with login id and password where you can log in and check the work of your website. You can make some changes if you don’t like something or the other which you may not like.

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The webhosting company can host your website within a month. Some companies do it within a week.

Due to heavy competition among the webhosting companies they are always in the race to be the topper. So they come up with plenty of features and exciting offers to attract customers. 

They provide their customer with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. With this feature, many people can access your website at the same time. Their servers are always connected to the internet and they provide a back up facility too.

They carry a flexible payment system too. You can pay the amount in installments. All most all the webhosting companies charge 50% of fees at the time of registration of the domain and the rest after the hosting of the website.

The webhosting companies provide with a good number of email account holding capacity. At least you can have the email accounts of all your employees working in your organization.

If you are going to open an online shop then they provide you with the e-commerce facility too.

You can open up your own family website too through these webhosting companies. The webhosting companies will provide you the photo gallery facility where you can load your family photographs.

A guest book is provided too where visitors can write down their messages as well. These facilities provided by the webhosting companies are much cheaper now days.

Some webhosting companies charge as less as $2.00 per month. With all these facilities you can have a website of your own and have people visiting your website all around the world.

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