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It is said that in any given day, the way to know the world, is through the World Wide Web. The internet reflects the collective mind of humanity.

To be connected and visible in cyberspace is more than a necessity for individuals and organizations around the world. 

Hence a Webhosting service is the place to begin for all. Webhosting services enable companies and individuals to have their own website through the World Wide Web.

Webhosting companies lend space on the web-servers they own for the use of their clients along with internet access.

A wide range of Webhosting services are provided, from simple personal websites to complex commercial advanced packages based on the requirement. 

File transfer protocol is a computing protocol that enables files to be uploaded for web page and simple basic Webhosting. Most of webhosting service providers around the world offer this service for free to their customers.

There are some companies who offer free hosting to the individuals who would like to publish their information for free on the net. However, they will need to put up with the ads which will be displayed on the pages.

These ads are the source for the revenues for those types of companies. A commercial or a company website with complex needs requires a different Webhosting package.

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Typically the package would include database support to store, access data and application programs or servers to write scripts for information and forums. A control Panel is also provided to manage the website and for maintaining contents and files.

To zero in on the perfect webhosting company based on requirements is never easy. A lot of online dictionaries rate and vouch for the webhosting companies ranking them on performance and benefits. 

These directories will help a customer to make a decision on which webhosting company to choose from. There are a wide range of Webhosting formats and types over the internet.

They are free Webhosting service, shared Webhosting service, reseller Webhosting, dedicated hosting service, virtual dedicated service, managed hosting service, collocation Webhosting service, clustered hosting, grid hosting and home servers among others.

Webhosting services can be obtained for free or for paid. The free Webhosting is very limited and will give you lesser flexibility to manipulate the websites. Even the desktop operating systems of today can be used to host basic websites and run webserver programs. 

The best way to choose a Webhosting company would be solely based on requirements. Database server software, scripting language, operating system, multi media services and email can be other factors to decide upon.

Dedicated online discussion forums and guestbook features are among the best deals from some webhosting companies.

Many webhosting companies will also allow you to use a demo control panel to get the feel of the control panel provided by them. You can login to their demo control panel and check if it is user friendly and has the features you are particularly interested in. 

Multiple sub-domain facilities are really cool features which will give a better look to your page URL. You might want to check if your webhosting company provides multiple or unlimited sub-domain facilities to you.

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