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When looking for a quality web hosting for your site, you surely will confront with thousands of web hosts. 

These web hosting providers have various plans and offerings and not all of them are right for your site and your online needs. You have to pay for it, so you should make sure that the web host you’ll choose is of outstanding quality. 

A quality web hosting service will save you from headaches brought by running your own server and publishing your site on the web.

Doing all the works by yourself will just cost you money and a lot of time and effort. Not to mention, computer and internet publishing know how. 

Just because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t get the quality web hosting your site needs. You can even get free yet reliable web host.

The only disadvantage of such is they tend to have lots of pop-up ads that may irritate you and your site’s visitors. So how will you find a quality web hosting package? Simple. Just familiarize yourself with the features that a web host must provide you. 

Some of the significant offerings of a web hosting plan are: 

· Bandwidth – the bandwidth a web host will provide should depend on the site traffic you intend to get. If you will sell a product in your site, you really don’t need much bandwidth to start with.

But if your site offers lot of information and free content, or if it’s a personal blog and you intend to put a bulletin board, you surely will have more traffic so you need bigger bandwidth.

For site start-up, 10 gigabytes bandwidth per month is enough. Should your website gets popular in the long run, just upgrade it to accommodate your growing number of traffic.

· Cost per megabyte if you need more than the allotted bandwidth – make sure you are not trapped in costly bandwidth add-ons.

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The web host you’ll get should offer reasonable prices for purchasing bandwidth in bulk. Just like in buying merchandise, it does pay a lot to shop around first before signing up for a web hosting service. 

· Pre-installed Scripts and Software – the web hosting provider should have a collection of various pre-installed PHP scripts. Among the important scripts are: 

· Emailers

· Ezine managers for the mailing list

· CMS (content management system)

· Shopping carts

· Autoresponder scripts

· Tell a friend scripts 

· Web calendars

· PHP support – this is very significant as PHP is faster than CGI/Perl. Also, most of today’s Linux applications are written in PHP

· POP Mailboxes – for small business, 10 POP mailboxes may be enough

· Disk Space – 100 megabytes storage space is enough for a small site. Just make sure that the company offers cost-effective disk space upgrade. 

· Setup Charge – when you shop around, maybe you can find a web host that doesn’t require a setup fee. 

· Customer Support – the company’s sales team or customer service representative must always be available if you need assistance. 

· Contract – don’t sign up for a web host that requires more than a month to month agreement 

· Cron Daemon Support – this feature lets you automate several tasks like emailing 

· Virtual Server – this makes it possible to host multiple domains. Come to think of it. You can save big time when you host 6-10 sites with different domain names on a single big account. 

· Control Panel – a quality web hosting must offer you reliable web control panel, which will make it possible for you to do certain tasks like editing passwords and user accounts. 

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