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Considerations in Choosing Personal Web Hosting

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So you already have the personal web page you’re dreaming of. You’ve put hard work and a lot of creativity just to design it.

Whether it contains information about yourself, or it sells your products or services, your site will not have the much-needed web presence without personal web hosting. 

For beginners, the concept of web hosting is a bit complicated, so as choosing the web host company that’s perfect for their page.

Some even face the dilemma of deciding the type of web host to employ; should it be paid or free web hosting? That being the case, you better consider the type of website you have before making a decision. 

If your site promotes your professional image to attract potential employers or business offers, then go for paid hosting as it usually offers more features and more space.

On the other hand, if you’re a neophyte in the World Wide Web, and yours is a personal page with your family and close friends as your target audience, better publish your web page using free or cheap personal web hosting.

Just look for a web hosting site that’s user-friendly, manageable, and way easy to customize. Remember that your goal is to have internet connectivity, not to spend most of your time familiarizing yourself with different internet publishing tools. 

There are lots of things to consider when looking for a suitable personal web hosting service. Among them are: 

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1. Time it takes for the web hosting company to put your domain on the net. Choose the company that will have your site published in 36 hours or less. 

2. Hosting other sites through your domain. You should be allowed to use alias domains as long as they are directed to your domain’s main page.

3. Ownership of the hosted domain. Yes, you should be the site’s owner, without any terms and conditions. 

4. Updating the information in your domain. The personal web hosting company should give you all rights to your site. And when you requested for it, the web host must update your site’s information. 

5. Modern search engine optimization tools. Choose the web host that always use advanced SEO tools over meta tags to match servers that also employ modern SEO tools.

But still, you need to put your keywords and meta description tag in the main content of your web page as these will give you easy access on the web.

6. Site modification. As the owner, you should always be allowed to modify your webpage. 

7. Set of rules for html directory permissions. There are personal web hosting providers that let you set permissions and modify or customize your page design through their Control Panel. 

8. Access to your perl and cgi scripts. Yes, the web host should always give you access to those scripts. 

9. Technical support. Do not go for the personal web hosting service that doesn’t have competent technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

10. Bandwidth and storage space. Regardless of the cost, the company should give you the storage space it has promised before you signed up for its services. 

These are just few of the things that will guide you in picking the right personal web hosting provider. Make sure though that the personal web hosting company will not break the terms of service you’ve agreed on especially when it comes to web space. 

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